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M. R?ssel, S. Gablenz, T. M?ller, A. R?der, H.-P. Abicht
A core-shell structured BaTiO3 precursur preparation, characterization and potential
Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 375, 2 (2003), 310-314

A new procedure for the preparation of a core-shell-structured BaTiO3 precursor (core=TiO2; shell=BaCO3) will be described. The structure of this precursor is characterized by electron microscopy (environmental scanning electron microscopy; energy disperse X-ray spectroscopy), whereas the development of phases during thermal treatment is followed by X-ray powder diffraction.

Keywords: barium titanate precursors; core-shell strucures; electron microscopy; formation mechanism; preparation; TiO2; EDX; X-ray diffraction
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