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I. Eckardt, S. Henning, F. Syrowatka, R. Gerlach, H. J. Hein
Mechanical changes of bone caused by X-ray radiation of low doses
Der Radiologe 41 (2001), 695-699

We investigated the micromechanical properties using doses from 1 up to 7 Gray and could observe a roughening on the surface of the bone material in the microscopic range by scanning acoustic microscopic measurements. In addition, a preceding irradiation promoted an extension of microcracks during the polishing process indicating an embrittlement. After irradiation and removal of the surface layer the SAM measurements indicate a preferential increasing of hardness of softer regions. These results are consistent with our measurements by environmental scanning electron microscopy.

Keywords: X-ray irradiation, bone scanning acoustic microscope environmental scanning electron microscope, surface embrittlement, radiation dosis
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