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N. Engler, H. S. Leipner, R. F. Scholz, P. Werner, U. G?sele
Study of As self-diffusion in GaAs using sulfur as a tracer
Physica B 308-310, 1-4 (2001), 742-744

The diffusion of sulfur was investigated in order to study arsenic self-diffusion. From in-diffusion experiments the effective diffusion coefficients of sulfur and arsenic were determined in the temperature range between 750?C and 1100?C. For this purpose, different surface concentrations of sulfur were provided to establish the diffusion model. The simulations show that As self-interstitials are responsible for the diffusion of sulfur under thermal non-equilibrium of native point defects. The self-diffusion coefficient and the solubility of As self-interstitials were determined.

Keywords: As self-diffusion; sulfur diffusion; GaAs
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