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H. S. Leipner, R. F. Scholz, N. Engler, F. B?rner, P. Werner, U. G?sele
Diffusivity of arsenic interstitials in GaAs studied by sulfur in-diffusion
Physica B 273-274 (1999), 697-700

Sulfur in-diffusion, which is governed by the kick-out mechanism, is a suitable tool to study the diffusion on the arsenic sublattice of GaAs. Sulfur diffuses for higher surface concentrations under non-equilibrium conditions of arsenic self-interstitials (IAs). The formation of extrinsic dislocation loops has been observed. The loop formation increases the concentration of Ga vacancies, which form complexes with S donors. The presence of such complexes has been investigated by cathodoluminescence, positron annihilation, and electrochemical capacity-voltage profiling. Taking into account the concentration of As interstitials agglomerated in faulted loops, the analysis of the sulfur profile can provide both the diffusion constant and the equilibrium concentration of IAs.

Keywords: Diffusion; Gallium arsenide; Interstitials; Vacancies
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