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V. G. Talalaev, G. E. Cirlin, L. I. Goray, B. V. Novikov, M. E. Labzovskaya, J. W. Tomm, P. Werner, B. Fuhrmann, J. Schilling, P. N. Racec
Effect of nanobridges on the emission spectra of a quantum dot-quantum well tunneling pair.
Semicond. 48, 9 (2014), 1178-1184

Emission in the narrow spectral range 950?1000 nm is obtained at the nanobridge optical transition involving experimentally and theoretically observed hybrid states in the InGaAs system, i.e., quantum dot-nanobridge-quantum well. It is experimentally shown that the oscillator strength of the new transition sharply increases in the built-in electric field of a pin junction. In the mode of weak currents in the system under study, the nanobridge transition is the dominant electroluminescence channel. At current densities >10 A cm2, nanobridge ?burning? is observed, after which the system becomes a ?quasi-classical? quantum dot-quantum well tunneling pair separated by a barrier.

Keywords: nano; devices; quantum dots; quantum wells; electroluminescence

DOI 10.1134/S1063782614090218
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