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Vadim G. Talalaev, George E. Cirlin, Boris V. Novikov, Bodo Fuhrmann, Peter Werner, Jens W. Tomm
Ex post manipulation of barriers in InGaAs tunnel injection devices.
J. Appl. Phys. 106, 1 (2015), 013104

Ex post manipulation of 1.1 emitting InGaAs/GaAs-based quantum dot/quantum well tunnel injection light emitting devices is demonstrated experimentally. The devices were operated at elevated forward currents until irreversible alterations were observed. As a result, changes in the steady-state optical spectra (electroluminescence, photoluminescence, and photocurrent), in carrier kinetics, in transport properties, and real structure are found. Except for degradation effects, e.g., of larger quantum dots, also restoration/annealing effects such as increased tunnel barriers are observed. The results furnish evidence for a generic degradation mode of nanostructures. We qualitatively interpret the mechanisms involved on both the nanoscopic and the device scales.

Keywords: degradation; devices; electroluminescence; photoluminescence; quantum dots

DOI 10.1063/1.4905467
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