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Christian Patzig, Chinmay Khare, Bodo Fuhrmann, Bernd Rauschenbach
Periodically arranged Si nanostructures by glancing angle deposition on patterned substrates.
phys. stat. sol. (b) 247, 6 (2010), 1322-1334

Using glancing angle deposition (GLAD) by ion beam sputtering of Si on differently patterned substrates, periodically arranged Si nanostructures were obtained. Patterns with tetragonal, honeycomb-like, and hexagonally closed packed (hcp) arrangement of the artificial seeds for the subsequent deposition at oblique particle incidence were used to demonstrate the influence of the pattern periodicity, the inter-seed distances, and other deposition parameters on the growth and morphological evolution of the Si nanostructures.

Keywords: silicon, preparation, sputter, lithography
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