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Johannes de Boor, Nadine Geyer, Jörg V Wittemann, Ulrich Gösele, Volker Schmidt
Sub-100 nm silicon nanowires by laser interference lithography and metal-assisted etching.
Nanotechnol. 21, 9 (2010), 095302

By combining laser interference lithography and metal-assisted etching we were able to produce arrays of silicon nanowires with uniform diameters as small as 65 nm and densities exceeding 2 x 10(7) mm(-2). The wires are single crystalline, vertically aligned, arranged in a square pattern and obey strict periodicity over several cm(2). The applied technique allows for a tailoring of nanowire size and density. Using a controlled and scalable process to fabricate sub-100 nm silicon nanowires is an important step towards the realization of cost-effective electronic and thermoelectric devices.

Keywords: etch; lithography; metal; nanowire; preparation; silicon

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