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F. Heyroth, C. Eisenschmidt, H.-R. H?che
X-ray topography of perfect crystals using the Laue-Laue three-beam case of diffraction
Cryst. Res. Technol. 33 (1998), 547-554

A new kind of experiments is possible using very good collimated X-rays with a divergence of the incident beam smaller than the diffraction curve (rocking curve) of perfect crystals. Some examples are shown for the three-beam case of diffraction where both refections are in Lauegeometry. The modification of the structure factor of a two-beam case reflection in the neighbourhood of a three-beam case causes a modification in the intensity distribution inside the Bormann fan, which can be seen in section topographs. The energy flow in the three-beam case can be made visible in experiments with a very narrow incident beam with a 30?30 ?m2 cross-section.
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