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W. Leitenberger, C. Eisenschmidt, H.-R. H?che
Polarization phenomena in Laue- and Bragg-geometry
Surf. Invest. 12 (1997), 469-480

The polarization state of the transmitted O-beam was determined in the case of dynamic X-ray diffraction. The experimental set-up allowed the measurement of the distribution of the intensity and the phase retardation in the beam after passing a thin silicon plate in the Laue reflection position.
In the case of Bragg reflection the change of the polarization state of the transmitted beam was determined in dependence on the deviation from the exact Bragg angle. A high quality LiF crystal was used for this purpose. The occurrence of a phase retardation between the mutually perpendicularly polarized waves was additionally proved by recording the 'polarization sensitive transmission curves'. By inserting a second phase retarder with an opposite phase shift into the beam, addition of the phase shift of two phase retarder crystals was measured.
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