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Nadine Geyer, Zhipeng Huang, Bodo Fuhrmann, Silko Grimm, Manfred Reiche, Trung-Kien Nguyen-Duc, Johannes de Boor, Hartmut S. Leipner, Peter Werner, Ulrich Gösele
Sub-20 nm Si/Ge superlattice nanowires by metal-assisted etching
Nano Lett. 9 (9) (2009), 3106-3110

An effective and low-cost method to fabricate hexagonally patterned, vertically aligned Si/Ge superlattice nanowires with diameters below 20 nm is presented. By combining the growth of Si/Ge superlattices by molecular beam epitaxy, prepatterning the substrate by anodic aluminum oxide masks, and finally metal-assisted chemical wet etching, this method generates highly ordered hexagonally patterned nanowires. This technique allows the fabrication of nanowires with a high area density of 1010 wires/cm2, including the control of their diameter and length.

Keywords: silicon, SiGe, epilayers, preparation, nanowire, metal, etch, growth, lithography
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