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B. Fuhrmann, H. S. Leipner, H.-R. H?che. L. Schubert, P. Werner, U. G?sele
Ordered arrays of silicon nanowires produced by nanosphere lithography and molecular beam epitaxy
Nano Lett. 5, 12 (2005), 2524-2527

Because of their importance in fundamental research and possible applications in nanotechnology and nanoelectronics, semiconductor nanowires have attracted much interest. In addition to the growth itself, the control of the size and location is an essential problem. Here we show the growth of ordered arrays of vertically aligned silicon nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy using prepatterned arrays of gold droplets on Si(111) substrates. The ordered arrays of gold particles were produced by nanosphere lithography.

Keywords: preparation, silicon, nanowires, growth
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