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J. Zhang, F. Paumier, T. H?che, F. Heyroth, F. Syrowatka, R. J. Gaboriaud, H. S. Leipner
Electron energy-loss spectroscopy investigations of Y2O3 films on Si (001) substrate
Thin Sol. Films 496 (2006), 266-272

Electron energy-loss spectroscopy has been used to investigate the interface between a Y2O3 film and the silicon substrate. The chemical composition of the interface layer is revealed to be nearly pure amorphous SiO2. Yttrium silicates are found at the Y2O3/SiO2 interface region. The formation of the interfacial yttrium silicates has been interpreted by the direct chemical reaction between the deposited Y2O3 film and the SiO2 interface layer. The Si L23 and O K edges of yttrium silicates (Y2SiO5 and Y2Si2O7) have been calculated by the first-principle full multiple - scattering method. The theoretical results are consistent with the experimental spectra, which confirms the formation of yttrium silicates. PACS: 79.20.Uv; 77.55.+f; 68.65.Ac; 68.37.Lp Keywords: Electron energy loss spectroscopy(EELS); Interfaces; Scanning electron microscopy; Yttrium

Keywords: EELS, transmission electron microscopy
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