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G. Dlubek, V. Bondarenko, J. Pionteck, M. Supej, A. Wutzler, R. Krause-Rehberg
Free volume in two differently plasticized poly(vinyl chloride)s: a positron lifetime and PVT study
Polymer 44 (2003), 1921-1926

The temperature dependence of the specific volume, V, and of the mean size of local free volumes (holes) of poly(vinyl chroride) containing 10 wt% (PVC-h) and 30 wt% (PVC-s) of the plasticizer di-n-butyl phtalate (DBP) were studied by pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) and positron annihilation spectroscopy (PALS) experiments...

Keywords: positron annihilation, lifetime, temperature dependence, polymer
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