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M.Hanke, M.Schmidbauer, R.K?hler
Lateral correlation of SiGe Stranski-Krastanov islands on silicon as probed by high resolution x-ray diffraction
J. Appl. Phys. 96 (2004), 1959-1962

We describe a procedure to consider the impact of lateral positional correlation of SiGe nanoscale islands onto the diffuse scattering within a high resolution x-ray diffraction experiment. The samples have been grown by means of liquid phase epitaxy which provides monodisperse island ensembles containing up to 10E-9 equivalent objects. It is shown that a proper numerical simulation of the x-ray diffuse scattering pattern requires careful consideration of the partial coherence of x rays. An appropriate numerical procedure consists of coherent summation over sample areas with lateral dimensions as given by the coherence properties of the radiation and subsequent incoherent summation over a large enough number of such areas. For the given case an effective lateral coherence length of approximately 10E-6 m has been used, which is derived taking into account also the detector resolution. The according simulation is in good agreement with the experimentally observed x-ray diffuse intensity pattern.

Keywords: SiGe, Stranski-Krastanov, lateral correlation, x-ray scattering

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