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M.Hanke, M.Schmidbauer, R.K?hler, F.Syrowatka, A.-K.Gerlitzke, T.Boeck
Equilibrium shape of SiGe Stranski-Krastanow islands on silicon grown by liquid phase epitaxy
Appl. Phys. Lett. 84 (2004), 5228-5230

SiGe Stranski-Krastanow islands coherently grown on Si(001) substrates by liquid phase epitaxy are typically made of truncated pyramids with {111} side facets, whereas the persistent presence of an (001) top facet indicates an energetical disadvantage of complete pyramids compared to truncated ones.We attribute this to a surface minimization process during the island evolution under the assumption of isotropically distributed surface energies and stable island facets. For the presence of {111} side facets we have theoretically derived a final geometrical aspect ratio of island base versus island height of 1.96, which is in excellent agreement with the experimentally derived averaged value of (2.08 +/- 0.10) within a concentration window between 9% and 30% germanium.

Keywords: SiGe, Stranski-Krastanov, equilibrium shape

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