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H. S. Leipner, V. V. Mikhnovich, V. Bondarenko, Z. Wang. H. Gu, R. Krause-Rehberg, J.-L. Demenet, J. Rabier
Positron annihilation of defects in silicon deformed at different temperatures
Physica B 340-342 (2003), 617-621

Positron trapping in silicon deformed under high-stress conditions at room temperature is compared to that in Si plastically deformed at higher temperatures. The specific features of positron trapping in silicon plastically deformed at room teperature are related to the dislocation core structure and the inhomogeneous distribution of defects. After high-temperature deformation, positrons are trapped in rather large vacancy clusters and dislocations acting as combined positron traps. ? 2003 Elsevier

Keywords: positron annihilation; dislocations; deformation; voids; transmission electron microscopy; room temperature; silicon

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