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Z. Wang, H. S. Leipner, R. Krause-Rehberg, V. Bodarenko, H. Gu
Defects properties in plastically deformed silicon studied by positron lifetime measurements
Microelectron. Eng. 66, 1-4 (2003), 358-366

Positron lifetime spectra have been measured in float-zone silicon plastically deformed at different temperatures. The temperature dependences of lifetime spectra were measured for all as-deformed and annealing samples. The experimental results indicate that there are three kinds of defects (vacancy clusters, dislocation-bound vacancies and undisturbed dislocations) induced by deformation. The size and concentration of vacancy-clusters depend on the strain temperature in the case of similar strains and strain rates. Dislocation-bound vacancies were quite stable. They could not be annealed out thoroughly after thermal treatment at 1300 °C. At sample temperatures below 120 K, regular dislocation segments have a significant influence on positron trapping. Their effect as positron shallow traps influences significantly the course of the measured average positron lifetime.

Keywords: annealing; core; deformation; dislocation; lifetime; positron annihilation; silicon; temperature dependence; vacancies; voids

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