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H. S. Leipner, J. Schreiber, H. Uniewski, S. Hildebrandt
Dislocation luminescence in cadmium telluride
Scanning Microsc. Intern. 11, 1 (1997), 149-160

Cathodoluminescence scanning electron microscopy is able to provide a detailed analysis of the dislocation rosette patterns around micro-indentations in cadmium telluride. The activation of a variety of slip systems causes different contrast features, connected to , , and screw dislocations. Cross slip plays an important role for the distribution of defects around indentations. A luminescence line at about 1.48 eV occurring in certain parts of the dislocation rosette is probably related to vacancies. The mechanisms responsible for the generation of vacancies are the interaction of dislocations belonging to different slip systems and the dragging of jogs. The vacancies, which are located near or on dislocations generated by room-temperature indentation, anneal after a thermal treatment at 500 K.

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