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S. Vasnyov, J. Schreiber, L. Hoering
A quantitative evaluation of the dynamic cathodoluminescence contrast of gliding dislocations in semiconductor crystals
J. Phys. Cond. Mat. 16 (2004), S269-277

Dark cathodoluminescence (CL) defect contrasts observed in CL video movies taken on GaAs and ZnO samples disclose the intrinsic recombination properties of glide dislocations during their slip motion. This way, the kinematical SEM CL microscopy provides, for the first time, direct information on the possible relationship between the dynamics and electronic activity of glide dislocations as expected from structural alterations or kink processes related to defect movement. The dark CL defect contrasts observed for various dislocation types in both materials indicate defect-bound non-radiative excess carrier recombination. Quantitative CL contrast analysis is performed to discover differences in the recombination strength of distinct dislocation structures resulting from the type and dynamic state of the glide dislocations studied.
? Institute of Physics Publishing

Keywords: dislocations; zinc oxide; cathodoluminescence; REDM; glide; motion; kinks; recombination; contrast

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