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M. Ueltzen, I. Martinek, F. Syrowatka, U. Floegel-Delor, T. Riedel
Soldered Ohmic contacts to superconductors for high-current applications
Phys. C 372-376 (2002), 1653-1656

Applications of superconductivity in the high-current range, e.g. in fault current limiters or current leads, need advanced contacts between superconducting ceramics and metallic conductors. An electrochemical method for manufacturing a copper metal layer on the ceramics is approved as a fast, economical and reliable method of metallizing the superconducting ceramics. Different approaches of soldering are compared in this study, including a flux-free technology working in an ambient atmosphere. Wetting of the ceramics without premetallisation was enabled by using ultrasonic vibrations. The contacts prepared by the different technologies with or without premetallisation of the ceramics are characterised by electrical measurements in the high-ampere range at liquid nitrogen temperature as well as by investigations of the microstructure by SEM/EDX analysis. Author Keywords: Soldering; Contacts; High-current application; YBCO

Keywords: preparation; microanalysis, EDX

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