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U. Schmidt, C. Eisenschmidt, C. Y. Zahra, A. -M. Zahra
New AlDyNi(Co) glasses - decomposition behaviour
J. Non-Cryst. Sol. 289, 1-3 (2001), 75-87

The decomposition of Al84Dy6Ni10 and Al84Dy8Ni6Co2 glasses prepared by melt spinning was investigated by means of X-ray diffraction (XRD), electrical resistivity (ER), calorimetric and microhardness measurements during isothermal, isochronal and continuous heating. Irreversible and reversible relaxation phenomena as well as glass transition occur before a primary crystallisation reaction in the ternary and a eutectic-type reaction in the quaternary alloy followed by the precipitation and transformation of intermetallic phases. Short- (SRO) and medium-range order (MRO) changes are responsible for pre-peaks in the structure factor observable even at room temperature. Glass transition (GT) is accompanied by resistivity drops. The first crystallisation products have a very fine morphology which raises the hardness of the alloys.
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