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Hans Roggendorf, Frank Syrowatka, Joerg Trempler
Corrosion of sodium silicate glasses in aqueous solutions - influence of pH.
Phys. Chem. Glasses 51, 6 (2010), 318-322

The corrosion of sodium silicate glasses has been investigated as a function of pH conditions in aqueous solutions. Glasses with a molar SiO2:Na2O ratio of 2·0 were corroded at 30°C in HCl solutions (0·0001 M HCl?0·3 M HCl), deionized water, and NaOH solutions (0·001 M NaOH?1 M NaOH). To avoid severe pH changes during the experiment dynamic corrosion tests were applied where the corrosion medium is pumped through a container at a constant flow rate of 1 l/day. The progress of the corrosion was analyzed by sample weighing and chemical analysis of the solutions. The surface of some samples was analyzed by environmental scanning electron microscopy. The corrosion rates obtained are presented as function of pH value. The findings are discussed with respect to the corrosion mechanisms.

Keywords: glass, scanning electron microscopy

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