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A. Szeghalmi, M. Helgert,R. Brunner, F. Heyroth,U. Gosele, M. Knez
Tunable Guided-Mode Resonance Grating Filter
Adv. Funct. Mater. 20, 13 (2010), 2053-2062

The optical characteristics of shallow 2D nanostructured polycarbonate samples are presented. Tunable guided-mode resonance filters are experimentally demonstrated for the visible spectral range when functional coatings are applied to 2D nanostructures by means of atomic layer deposition. The wavelength position of the reflection peaks can be easily tuned in a broad range (>150 nm) through rotation of the optical element around the axis normal to the substrate without changing the rest of the optical setup. Rigorous coupled wave approach simulation of model systems is performed to obtain insight into the complexity of the optical properties of these systems. The photonic nanostructures presented here are promising optics for application in ultra-compact, portable, miniaturized optical systems.

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