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Peter Maurer, Marcus S. Kriwalsky, Rafael Block Veras, Jürgen Vogel, Frank Syrowatka, Christian Heiss
Micromorphometrical analysis of conventional osteotomy techniques and ultrasonic osteotomy at the rabbit skull
Clin. Oral Impl. Res. 19 (2008), 570–575

Objectives: The ultrasonic osteotome, which was recently introduced, is an alternative to conventional methods of osteotomy. The aim of the present study was to establish the differences between three osteotomy techniques and to perform a quantitative roughness analysis of the osteotomized bone surfaces.

Materials and methods: Fresh bony samples of standardized size were taken from the rabbit skull. The techniques used were as follows: reciprocate micro-saw, Lindemann bur, ultrasonic osteotome with the two insert tips OT6 (rough) and OT7 (fine). The prepared surfaces were examined by light microscopy, environmental surface electron microscopy (ESEM) and by confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM).

Results: It was difficult to distinguish between cortical and cancellous bone after using the conventional osteotomy technique. The ultrasonic technique preserved the original structure of the bone. The values observed for superficial roughness were as follows: 3.97 µm (micro-saw), 5.7 µm (Lindemann bur), 2.48 µm (OT7) and 3 µm (OT6). There were statistical differences between the values of the bur and insert tip OT6 (P=0.015) as well as between the bur and insert tip OT7 (P=0.003).

Conclusions: In the present study micromorphological differences after using various osteotomy techniques could be clearly identified.

Keywords: confocal laser scanning microscopy, environmental scanning electron microscopy, morphological analysis, osteotomy, ultrasonic osteotome
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